We are GREEN. You can help.

Responsible companies everywhere are engaging in eco-friendly solutions as part of their business. We have a responsibility to drive sustainability initiatives, green business practices and set an example as an energy efficient small business. Though we are small, we are still a part of the solution.

Our Green Principles:

    • Lead by example: demonstrate and teach that green strategies work in any business.
    • Set a standard and expectation that we ALL hold the key to future green management.
    • Commitment to do the right thing

We are Green at Edge Sight & Sound

For every event we:

  • Provide FREE electronic planning tools to reduce paper waste.
  • Refuel vehicles in the morning
  • Air-up tires to max psi before road trips to maximize MPG
  • Encourage clients to use our electronic contract signing system to reduce paper waste

We Recycle:

  • Office paper, cardboard, newspaper, plastic, glass, cans, batteries, computers, motor oil, and more
  • We take items in and pay to have them recycled.
  • We use recycled paper products.

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