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Our Wedding Lighting Design can transform your reception.

The talented and professional event lighting staff at Edge Sight & Sound specialize in custom event lighting for weddings. Our wide array of lighting packages improve and enhance the ambiance of the occasion.
From up-lighting to spot lighting, perimeter lighting to string lighting and custom gobos and monograms, we have the ability to match any of your lighting needs.



Lighting Enhancements

  • Ambient Up-Lighting
    • Available in sets of four and any color combination.
  • Custom Monogram Spotlight s
    • Your color monogram is projected onto a wall or dance floor
  • Spotlight on Wedding Cakes
    • Includes one spotlight and stand to illuminate your cake
  • Spotlights on Table Centerpieces
    • Illuminate the center of every table with a focused beam of light



Wedding Up Lighting

Up-Lighting can be used in many ways: softening up walls, illuminating flowers and trees, and gerneally transforming any ordinary room into a spectacular one.

Up lighting will give your wedding reception an elegant ambiance without costing a fortune.  We have many Par Can sizes to choose from, which allows the perfect amount of light on your subject without your guests noticing our equipment.

Use of our intelligent LED par cans allows us to match the colors of your wedding and set the appropriate mood for your event.



Wedding Spot Lighting

  we have spot lighting for cakes, centerpieces, table and walkways

Spot Lighting is perfect for illuminating areas as large as walkways and patios to areas as small as the top of a table centerpiece.

At most venues, patios and walkways are always lit by permanent lighting fixtures which take away from the beauty of the venue. By turning these off and allowing us to bring in light trees, your venue will non-intrusively be illuminated with any color you desire to fit the mood of your event.

Pin Spot lighting is a perfect solution to enhance your tables, centerpieces, cakes and entrances.

By dimming the main lights and pin spotting important aspects of your event, like they do in an art gallery or fancy restaurant, your event will have the dramatic look and feel it deserves.


Custom Wedding Monograms

 Ambient Up-Lighting and Wedding Event Lighting Design from Edge Sight and Sound Tulsa and Wichita with cake lights

Custom gobos started off as a cost-effective solution for projecting company logos on a wall or dance floor. Now it has become one of our most popular wedding lighting enhancements.

Many wedding couples have their initials and wedding date projected on the dance floor or behind their head table. Our advanced vertical trussing allows us to project the very same monograms on the entire dance floor. We will project it anywhere you like for all your guests to see.

We create your desired custom gobo in whatever style you prefer. They make a great keepsake as well.

       Ambient UpLighting with custom monograms from Edge

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