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The Best Karaoke From Tulsa to Wichita!

From your living room to your favorite karaoke bar, we deliver the largest selection of music with the best equipment from Tulsa to Wichita! When you sing you want to sound great and we know that. For birthdays, corporate events or just for the heck of it, Edge Karaoke is simply the best around. Check For Available Dates >
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Edge spins Karaoke at the best Karaoke joints in Tulsa!


We offer so much more than a "body" playing karaoke CD's. In fact, we have completely digitalized our Karaoke systems and coupled it with every type of music, literally HUNDREDS of Music Videos and, most importantly, feature a Disc Jockey that can truly entertain and ATTRACT customers to any venue.

We have the ability to cater to everyone in your establishment...karaoke singers, dancers, video wathcers, and people of all ages which means more fun for the crowd and more revenue for the establishment!

FREE!    The first night is on us.     FREE!

Think you might want to give it a shot? To start karaoke in your establishment or replace your current provider, please call soon.  We can only be so many places in one night!


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Catch us throughout Tulsa on these nights!  Follow us night-to-night!

Thursday Nights

Buckaneer Bar Tulsa Ok features Edge Karaoke Nights






Buackaneer Bar & Lounge

Tulsa's Oldest Bar.  Est 1932

1120 South Harvard Avenue

Tulsa, OK 74112

Phone: (918) 584-4867

Sunday Nights

Tulsa Karaoke Night at Harvard Sports Bar with Edge





Harvard Sports Bar & Grill

Your Oklahoma Sports Headquarters!

4775 South Harvard Avenue

Tulsa, OK 74135-3001

Phone: (918) 712-7537


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